HOFMANN FINN recognizes that our relationships with our subcontractors, and our ability to collaborate with them effectively, play a foundational role in the success of our projects.  In every finished project, the quality of work and attention to each and every detail relies as heavily on the skill set and integrity of our subcontractors as it does on our ability to properly supervise and manage the work.


HOFMANN FINN has developed and nurtured a subcontractor list from hundreds of successful collaborations.  When selecting subcontractors for a particular project, we consider comprehensively whether subcontractors are appropriate for the type and size of the work as well as their fit within the overall project team. 


Getting the best subcontractors is a two-part process.  First, we must identify who the best subcontractors are for each job, and we must constantly reaffirm their qualifications.  Second, we must provide a working environment that attracts and retains the best trade professionals to participate in our jobs, and for them to bring their “very best” on our projects.


While HOFMANN FINN holds our subcontractors to high performance standards, we also acknowledge and reward them when they meet or exceed these standards.  We respect our subcontractors as business entities: we pay them promptly and treat them with respect.  While it isn’t easy to qualify as a HOFMANN FINN subcontractor, or to perform work to HOFMANN FINN standards, we work hard to ensure the success of those who do.

Please contact us HERE if you are interested in working as a subcontractor